“…for the world around us…”


I’m Tamsin, the Founder, Designer, Seamstress and all-round hat wearer at Sprawling & Osborne.

Sprawling & Osborne is more than just a clothing brand, my number one priority is to make correctly fitting garments accessible for all. We all know that there are no two bodies the same and there are SO many different shapes and sizes yet we can walk into a high street shop or browse most of the big-name brands and suddenly we’re all expected to fit in to a standard size 8-18 or XS-XL!

We spend so much time in our clothes and I truly believe they can transform our mood and mindset for the day, so why settle for something that doesn’t fit well and make you feel fabulous!? I create timeless garments, made to last from season to season and year to year that will truly fit you, all whilst ensuring that I’m working as sustainably and ethically as possible.

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Tamsin x

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