“…for the world around us…”


My name is Vicky, and I am the founder and florist behind Flora and Daisy Florists.

My vision for Flora and Daisy was to create beautiful arrangements using organic principles. All of the designs we make are eco-friendly utilising paper, hessian wraps, moss and twine and many more eco-friendly tools.

I have always been a floral fanatic. Therefore, in 2019 I started my own floristry business to have a full-time excuse to surround myself with all things floral.

However, the floristry industry as a whole is not eco-conscious and this was not something I was willing to contribute to with my business. Consequently, I resolved to grow as much of my own flowers as possible and be eco-friendly with my arrangements. We are also members of Flowers from The Farm who are a fountain of knowledge with many like-minded flower growers and florists all helping each other across the UK.

I would love to say that we use only British Flowers but the reality at the moment for us is that we do have to purchase some from Holland. We are adding to our planting every year and hopefully five years down the line this will be a different story.

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If you would like flowers, then you can contact me on: –

07815 799895

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