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At Dedham Vale honey the most important thing is our bees, we aim to have healthy happy bees, producing high quality local honey. We currently have 18 apiary’s spread throughout the Dedham Vale area and beyond, every year we expand to keep up with demand, our latest areas are Hintlesham and East Bergholt. We know that having local produce is very important to people now so when harvesting our honey we keep it separate and put it into high quality jars with bespoke labels stating which area it was harvested from, this way we can truly call it local. We not only produce honey from different areas but also produce different types of honey, from runny to set, borage honey, chunk honey with a lump of natural honeycomb inside and light spring honey early in the season. We hope anyone who buys our produce really enjoys the local flavors from their area in our honey.

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