“…for the world around us…”

ALBA: white – bright – sunrise – dawn

Alba Jewellery is all handmade by me, in my workshop at home in Suffolk, where I enjoy exploring and experimenting with recycled metals, playing around with shape and texture.
I love the idea that these metals have had previous lives, ending up being appreciated for their natural raw beauty. I often use hammering as a finish – the tiny hammer marks bringing out the depth of colour in the metal as it catches the light. Using age-old techniques and simple hand tools, my pieces celebrate the uniqueness of the handmade and the authenticity of simple design and raw metal.

My designs are mostly based on the natural world around me; I am at my happiest when outside, and my work reflects that – recent designs have been based on the local coastal flora such as sea kale and samphire. Other work reflects my love of geometry and maths. All designs begin on paper, then are made from paper, eventually to be made in recycled silver, brass or gold.

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