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Do the signs and planets get together?

King of Swords. If you wish, you can imagine the columns on either side of the High Priestess once you lay out the cards for many of both card spreads. Consequently, if you’re on the route of studying tarot cards and tarot reading, then you have to know about how to read the 3-Card Spreads to find out the past, present, and future.

Suit of Wands. Pros and Cons Issue/Situation and Main Challenge (center of the Celtic Cross) Block and Help (nature of block You’re aware of what will help solve it) Choice A and Choice B (stay/leave, get married/break up, buy house/rent etc) Light and Dark Side of The Moon (hidden/subconscious awareness) Constrictive Element and Expansive Element Center Need Individual A and Core Want Person B (with regards to a specific problem ) Empowers and Disempowers Do and Don’t Verb and Adverb (to get a nifty solution to a known problem) Here, we have tried to throw light onto exactly the same. Nine of Wands. So how do we read these two card spreads?

As soon as you get the hang of the spreads above, there won’t be any disperse you can’t master, whatever the number of cards present… because the best way to read two cards is also the way you read 20. Let’s take a peek at the newcomer ‘s manual to 3-Card Reading. Ten of Wands. Look and locate — When you examine the cards you need to understand what it is you’re intended to locate (besides basic card meanings). 1. Page of Wands. And here is the listing that you run down in order of significance: Create A Comfortable Environment.

Knight of Wands. Major or Minor? Is one Major tarot online and the other Minor Arcana or are they both the same?

2 Majors mean Important life style and fated elements overruling your design and needs. Before you start divination with tarot spread, it’s suggested to create a comfortable environment for yourself. Queen of Wands.

Elements and dignities. Thus, sit comfortably, turn to the light and then turn still music to create the ideal mood. King of Wands. Is it warm or cold, dry or wet? Tense or compatible? Do the signs and planets get together?

Numbers. 2. The Trump Cards. Odd numbers are ‘yang’ as well as numbers are ‘yin. ‘ Repeating numbers form an exclamation mark and so are viewed by some as angelic messages.


p>Move in a different room and pay attention to your desire which you want to receive a true prediction. Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and the components etc. don’t induce they impel. Relevant visual clues. Shuffle your tarot deck attentively for a couple of minutes. They indicate that the influence a person is beneath on the road they are currently traveling. This may be anything that you respond to because it seems applicable to the question asked… So, the energy connection with the tarot cards is created.

From time to time, there is an intersection, which will provide an exit which would permit them to prevent a situation. Are there lots of people in the cards? Birds? Is red the dominant color? etc.. 3. If the situation cannot be averted, the knowledge obtained can provide the individual the experience to potentially avoid a specific situation in the future. Some of you are probably scratching your heads right now, asking ‘What about vertical or reversed? ‘ HERE is the reason why I don’t use reversals. Understand The Querent’s Goal.

So when they encounter the same scenario in the future they don’t meet it blindly. Feel and follow So… based on what you see, how can this make you feel? Adhere to the feeling down the rabbit hole. Knowing the querent’s question is actually significant in such readings. The real benefit of Tarot or any kind of divination is the awareness of affects, opportunities or barriers which present themselves. Ask yourself why you believe the way you feel in reaction to what you see?

Dig deeper. Past, present and future tarot may be of attention from different points of view. As soon as we realize that these influences are sent as a direct from the energies to help us in our growth as spiritual beings to learn from such experiences and move on to other learning’s.


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